#1 name

When it comes to names, parents usually have certain meanings in their children’s name. I remember my 5th grade teacher asked us what was the meaning of our names and consequently I asked my Dad. I thought that my name is a sort of prayer of me to be something or for me to have certain qualities. Well, it’s not.

My complete name is Neny Isharyanti. My first name, Neny, was just given because my uncles and aunties agreed to name their children starting with the letter ‘N’. As Ninik, Nana, and Nina had been taken, my mom and dad decided to choose ‘Neny’. ‘Isharyanti’ turned out to follow a rather complicated logic. It consists of four parts: ‘is’,  ‘har’, ‘yan’ and ‘ti’. ‘is’ from the English word ‘is’. ‘har’ is from my mom’s name ‘HAR-tati’. ‘yan’ is from my dad’s name ‘Pasi-YAN’. ‘ti’ is from the Indonesian word ‘TI-tik’ means ‘period’.

So my name means ‘Neny is (the daugter of) Hartati (and) Pasiyan. Period.

Pretty neat, huh?


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