#2 ghosts

I can’t see ghost, but after I spent 3 years in Papua I sort of can sense them. I used to walk through the forest to and from my workplace, and I guess that being in close proximity with such pure nature heightened my sensory perception.

My first realization of this new sense was during my (then) honeymoon in Jogja. I used to be a guide to Prambanan Temple during my college years, so the temple was not something new or scary for me for I’d been there many, many times. Yet, I sensed something sinister in one of the chambers there and I refused to accompany my (then) hubby to enter it. The weird thing is, we went there at 1 PM in broad day light! The same thing occurred in various places in Jogja: Taman Sari, Palace Carriage Museum. My (ex) hubby said that perhaps due to the many events the places witnessed, those dark events were imprinted in the buildings and thus I felt the sinister feeling of it.

The second realization, interestingly, was when I went to Ames, IA, the US for my Master Degree. At that time, I thought that I would not experience any ghostly events. I considered that most Americans were non-believers on those spiritual beings. And I found out how wrong I was! During my first visit to Iowa State campus with Tyasning Nusawardhani, we went to Memorial Union, one of the hubs in campus. After spending some minutes in it, we decided to go on to another building and Tyas decided to take me out from MU through the Gold Star Hall, where the names of Iowa Staters died in various wars were displayed. At the entrance to the hall, I stopped and felt a sudden attack of fear. I told her I didn’t want to go through that room and if we needed to get out, I’d rather use another exit. Later on that week during orientation, I learnt from the publication of MU that there was INDEED a spirit there, by the name of Hortense Elizabeth Wind. Imagine how shocked I was! There were also other buildings in campus that scared me: the Beardshear Hall and the Farm House across Ross Hall.  I disliked going or passing those buildings and whenever I had to do that I would sing to myself.


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