#3 cooking

I dislike cooking. Blame my mom for that. She is an excellent cook and she considers the kitchen as her palace so no trespassing is allowed 😛

But I was forced to learn how to cook after I got married in 1999. We were living in Papua back then and since my (now ex-) hubby was having a full-time job while I was home for three months, I was left with the cooking task. I was and am a cook book cook. I have to have my cook book nearby every time I cook.  And since I don’t enjoy doing it so much, I have to make that activity fun. So my (ex) hubby installed a home theater system in my kitchen for me so that I can cook and listen to my favorite songs.

The quality of my cooking is either ‘passable’ or ‘edible’ depending on my mood. So when my mood is good, usually the food turns out to be tasty. Nevertheless, there is one kind of food (or I should say condiment) that I’m good at: sambal or chili sauce. My mom’s side of family is really fond of sambal and can’t have a gathering without a well supply of sambal. Hence, almost everybody in my mom’s side can make a very good sambal. So tasty is my sambal that every time we had a gathering, be it in Papua or in Ames, some people would ask to bring it home with them!

Regardless of what people say on my food, I don’t care. The only comment I care is from Jalu, my son, two days after Mother’s Day in Indonesia (22 December) two years ago. He said ‘Your food is the best food in the world’. How sweet.


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