#4 technogeek

I’m a technogeek. I love trying new technology and it’s an obvious reason why I chose Computer-Assisted Language Learning as my field of research and study.

I think I’m insanely in love with my laptop and more than once I imagine that if my house were on fire there first item that I would rescue would be my laptop. I put everything in it: my soul, my work, my entertainment, my brain, my music. See? It’s practically my other half. I cannot imagine not working on it every single day and the idea of going places without it drives me nuts.

The other gadget that I can’t live without is my cellphone. Now, it is called a cellPHONE but I rarely use it for phoning or texting. Rather, I use it more to listen to some songs and to read e-books. It really makes my life easier than it used to be. My bag used to be bulky because of my walkman and thick books. I used to have my house filled with music that it was practically impossible to make my son sleep. Traveling used to be burdensome because the books that I carry were super thick. I used to crave for bedtime reading because I couldn’t read in my dark bedroom. If I read before sleeping, I hated having to get up and turn off the light. Not anymore, thanks to my cellphone.

For me, being a technogeek doesn’t mean that I have to buy every latest piece of gadget out there. My pocket can’t afford it. As the proverb says, ‘It’s not the gun. It’s the man behind the gun’. Same here, ‘It’s not the gadget. It’s the person who’s using it.’ That’s why I’m not very impressed with people who use expensive gadget, but can’t or don’t utilize all the features of the gadget. It’s just a waste of money and technology. I was perfectly happy with my cheap non-branded laptop for four years because I know that it satisfied all of my needs. And my cellphone was far cheaper than a Blackberry, but I utilized all of its features. It’s the objective, not the means, peeps!


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