#5 chatterbox

I guess all of my friends have known this but let me say it: I’m very talkative and I love talking before an audience. It is then very logical to become a teacher: I got the chance to talk in front of my students every day.

I can’t remember how I got this urge to talk, talk, and talk. Now my mom, however, has an idea of why I become such a chatterbox. As a Javanese, she believes that whatever a pregnant lady does or craves during her pregnancy, it will affect the baby. When she was pregnant with me then, she remembered that for some weird reasons she really wanted to watch an American movie in which the leading lady role was such a talker. Now mind you, my mom doesn’t speak English at all, she does not particularly like watching movies, and she never shows any interests in American culture. Watching an American movie is something so unlike her. Nevertheless, she craved watching the movie back then, and, voila, I am a super duper chatterbox in American English!


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