#6 ageless

People who didn’t know me thought that I was single and young. Well, you know the fact, I was definitely not single for 11 years (and I am now being single again!)  and I have been living for almost 40 years! *ouch, that soon?*

You see, looking young and (used to be) single is an occupational hazard for a teacher of young adults like me. When I am surrounded by young minds, it feels so refreshing. In addition to that, if I’m going to take my job as a business, I need to make sure that I cater the needs of my target market, i.e. young adults, and I need to make sure that my target market keeps their interest level high to whatever I offer them. Similarly, being a teacher to young adults, I need to make sure that they’re interested to whatever I’m teaching them. Otherwise, my classes will be boring and I will be out of business. That is why I keep myself updated with what interests them most, and eventually that probably affects how I look and how I feel.

But seriously, I believe that I will always be 21 years old. Well, at least in my heart that stays true. No matter what my physical age is, I know that deep down inside my mind and my heart will always be young. I intend to remain so for the longest time.


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