#7 gamer

I have this severe addiction to computer games. I simply have to play one or two games everyday or else I will be cranky the whole day. It’s a means to vent my anger (by blasting the zombies in Plants vs. Zombie), to exercise my management power (by building and ruling a city in City Life), to materialize my almost-impossible fashionista passion (by dressing up models in Jojo’s Fashion Show), etc.

In fact, I made a decision of what type of laptop that I would buy based on my passion for playing computer games. When I faced the two options of buying a MacBook or a Windows-based laptop, as much as I adore the stability and the excellent graphic qualities of Mac, I kept thinking if I could still play my favorite computer games on it. And, duh, the choice was clear-cut. I of course bought a Windows-based laptop!


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