#10 bookish

Two facts about books related to me: 1) I always have a book around me, wherever I am, wherever I go, and 2) I believe that heaven is a huge library with books, comfortable couch and unlimited supply of fruit juice. Aha!

If you ever visited my house, you know that books are my version of home decor. They’re simply everywhere, in every room, even in the bathroom! (this is a weird thing for Indonesians, as our bathrooms are constantly wet and books can’t get wet at all). My dream house will surely have a dedicated library where you will certainly find me most of the times. I used to carry books anywhere and it is one item that I must have in my bag during my travel. These days I don’t have to carry heavy thick books anymore, thanks to my cellphone that can save softcopies of my favorite books, but still books are indispensable feature of my life.

Oh, and don’t ask me to go to a bookstore unless you’re totally sure that you won’t get bored of accompanying me. I would spend hours, and hours, and hours, reading this book, pondering on that book. And I would spend lots of money on authors that I like. Romo Mangun’s books. Agatha Christie’s. Dan Brown’s. Paulo Cuelho’s. NH. Dini’s. Pramoedya Ananta Toer’s. SH. Mintardja’s. Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s. JK. Rowling’s. Enid Blyton’s. The list can go on and on. Blame my dad for influencing me with my crave for books. As long as I remember, he always has books in his hands whenever he’s free.

As for now, I prefer downloading e-books and reading those books in my Android. Nothing can beat reading a good book in bed until late!


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