#8 stress = diet

Some people will eat more when they are under stress. Not me. When facing lots of stress, my body will automatically adjust my appetite and I will not eat until the stress is lifted up. In some extreme cases of stress, even the sight and the smell of food will make me vomit. I remember abstaining from food for two days at the peak of my thesis writing days and refraining myself from entering the kitchen because I would run to the bathroom to vomit the minute I saw and smelled what my roommates cooked.This explains why I lost so many pounds during my time in the US. I had so many things that made me under stress: being away from my family, facing a new culture, and undergoing strenous rigorous Master program. I was so surprised by the end of my stay there, because I changed my jeans size from size 8 to size 4 in 2 years!

Seeing this from positive perspective, this can be a way for me to lose weight, albeit an extreme means of diet. After all, only superwomen can do such extreme diet.


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