#9 procrastinator

Yes. I delay doing things that I hate. Yes. I’m bad at meeting deadlines. Yes. I work really well when the time is running fast and my mind suddenly works even faster. And definitely yes. I obtain better results when I’m constantly chased by deadlines. Believe it or not, the PhD research proposal that I submitted to schools and scholarships was created in mere three hours, and it was accepted in all schools and scholarships that I applied. Call it cocky, call it risky, but that is how it goes with me.

I know, I know, it’s not a good practice. I complain when my students are late in submitting any assignments. But somehow, my mind works awfully well in those tight situations. As long as I’m not late and right on time, I think being a procrastinator suits well with my personality. I just have to live with it and make sure that I don’t miss any deadlines!


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