#11 Poet

I’m most honest in my poems, no matter how cryptic the poem turned out. As you must have been aware by now, I’m a chatterbox but there are times when I can’t express what I think and feel. That’s where poems come handy. They become my outlet when my heart is too heavy. They become my written reflection of what’s been hammering my mind. In some occasions they also become a journal of certain events in my life.

I started writing poems when I was in senior high school. One of the firsts was a brokenhearted/reflective poem, and as the years went, they started piling up. I write poems in any piece of paper that I find. I usually have the first line in my mind and I just have to write it down, and for some unknown urge, the next words, the next lines will flow.

In the past, I documented them by typing them with my old manual typewriter. After the computer era came, I converted them and wrote the new ones using PC/laptop. I still write on any piece of paper that I find these days, but I usually take a picture of the paper and upload it in my poems blog.

I wouldn’t call my poems beautiful. It’s up to the readers. I am a member of a poets community and occasionally post my poem there. Some received good comments, some not many. Publishing? I once published my anthology, but it was self-published and I did it for fun. I don’t even have a copy of my anthology. A journal of feminism issues once published my poems, but it was because the editor was a friend of mine and she asked me to contribute. I even performed my poem on stage in Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jakarta, but again it was because my friend was the event organizer and she found my poem to be suitable for the event.

As my poems are personal, I don’t find them suitable for the public, but once in a while, I’m glad that my poems receive nice comments, although I still feel that they need constructive criticism. Please do criticize them!



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