#15 Music Junkie

Music is my everyday thing. I work most productively with a playlist of Korean cute songs (IU, Akdong Musician, SoYou, you name it) on. If you see me on the street walking, you’d find me with earphones blaring music and not caring a bit about what’s happening around me. When I’m down, music is the first thing that I will use to cheer me up. It’s imperative that I have music in my life, preferably those songs with Spring or Summer feeling.

I’m not just an avid appreciator of music. I produce music too. I started singing with a band when I was in the first grade of senior high school, and in every city where I live since then, I always have a band. I feel the happiest when I’m on stage, entertaining an audience, communicating with them.

Although I can’t read musical notes and don’t know what keys played in a song, I think I have a pretty good musical sense. The first time I realized this was in my fifth grade of elementary school. My uncle had a keyboard with three-finger chord feature and although I didn’t know how to play it, I managed to find the notes for “Silent Night” and what keys are played in the song by myself. My uncle suggested to my father to send me to piano lessons, but our family couldn’t afford it. But since then, I always knew when the keys or beat are off (my bandmates used to get mad at me when I found out that the band was off key but I couldn’t tell what was the right key).

Oh, did I mention that I have SoundCloud and Smule account too?

Now if you excuse me, I need to record another song.



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